Renew. Revive. Thrive.

It's time to optimize your health with Dr. Garg.

Welcome to a new approach to your health. Dr. Richa Garg seeks not just to understand what your health concerns are, but the "why" that underlies them.

Rather than treating just your symptoms, Dr. Garg will work with you to address the underlying root cause of you concerns, utilizing a patient-centric approach to health and wellness.

Your health is multidimensional, influenced by your mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being. Addressing only one or a couple of these aspects leads to an incomplete understanding of the problem and poor health.

The conventional medical model fails so many patients because it does not consider the interplay between your mind, body, spirit, and circumstances to develop an individualized treatment plan unique to you. 

Integrative medicine combines all that we know from conventional medicine with complimentary treatment modalities to address the multifaceted nature of your health and overall well-being.

What you will get:

Complete Assessment

Thorough intake of your medical history, past and current concerns, and interpretation of lab results

Personalized Treatment Plans

Recommendations and strategies designed specifically for your unique needs

Ongoing Support

Long visits, reliable access to your doctor, and regular follow up visits to support you on your wellness journey

Virtual Dispensary

Access to a discounted virtual dispensary to supplement your health goals

Patient Portal

24/7 Access to your records and recommendations, as well as direct access to your doctor

It's time to change the things that aren't working and embrace the things that will allow you to feel your best. Dr. Garg will help you renew, revive, and thrive.