Integrative medicine is a science-based, comprehensive medical approach to your health and overall wellness. As our current medical system has moved away from individualized care, it has left many feeling inadequately heard or cared for. The integrative medicine approach incorporates conventional medicine and complementary therapies to promote optimal health and wellbeing. Unlike traditional Western medicine, which typically focuses on treating specific symptoms or diseases with prescription drugs or surgery, integrative medicine seeks to address the root causes of health problems, emphasizing prevention and wellness, and treating the whole person -- mind, body, and spirit. Integrative medicine brings the focus back to the individual by offering evidence based treatment plans for a myriad of issues after considering one's medical history, genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, and circumstances. 

An integrative medicine approach might be right for you if are interested in comprehensive individualized care that takes your unique issues, genetics, lifestyle, and resources into consideration. An integrative approach does require a significant commitment, as lifestyle and behavioral changes can be hard to make. However, when implemented with the support of a trained professional, these changes can become sustainable behaviors with the capacity to transform your health. Schedule your FREE 15 minute initial consultation* with Dr. Garg to see if Integrative Health and Wellness is a good fit for you.

*No medical advice will be given during the initial consultation.

No, Dr. Garg functions as an integrative medicine consultant exclusively for adults and does not provide the acute care or routine medical screening that a PCP provides. It is strongly recommended to maintain your current PCP or find a PCP in addition to the integrative care you receive from Dr. Garg.

Your first appointment will be a comprehensive 90 minute session where we will cover all aspects of your medical history, lifestyle, nutrition, as well as past and present concerns. Please complete the pre-visit questionnaires at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, so your session is tailored to your individual needs. You are also encouraged to upload any lab results or imaging studies you think are relevant to your patient portal.  

Our goal is to provide thorough, direct care to you without the barriers and limitations imposed by insurance companies. At this time, we do not accept insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid, but we are able to provide you with a superbill that can be submitted to your insurance for review and possible reimbursement. 

Pricing depends on the number of visits you desire, with a minimum 12 week commitment. A 12 week subscription that includes a 90 minute initial consultation, three 70 minute follow up visits each 4 weeks apart, individualized lab work, and regular access to Dr. Garg starts at $2600. Longer subscriptions, discounts, and payment plans are available upon request. Get started with a FREE 15 minute initial consultation* with Dr. Garg to determine if Integrative Health and Wellness is a good fit for you. 

*No medical advice will be given during the initial consultation.

This depends on your insurance coverage and the lab testing you might need. Some of the labs recommended will be covered by your subscription fee, while others may not be. You are encouraged to reach out to your insurance provider to see if your labs will be covered prior to getting any testing done. You may also be able to go through your primary care physician (PCP) to get some labs covered.

Your time is valuable, so your appointment time is reserved just for you. Because late cancelations can prevent others on our waitlist from receiving the care they need, a 48 hour notice is required if you need to change or cancel your appointment. You will be required to provide a credit card to reserve your appointment, which will not be charged until your appointment time. Patients who provide less than 48 hours notice or miss their appointment may be charged a fee:

If you have additional questions, give us a call at 615-538-8681.